People You May Know


Kristine Maloney

We yearn to see what people are doing
Are they successful?
Are we more successful
Than our bullies?
Than our ex-best friends?

People you may know
Some algorithm tries to figure
Who we still care about
And who we have fallen away from
Or who we wish would disappear

It was a normal day when his name popped up
There he was
Technology telling me that I should want to
Know what he is up to
I clicked

I wish I hadn’t

He lives his life day in and day out with no idea
Of how he impacts my life every single day
In a negative fashion

He may never know the extent
Of that night
Or the way that the words of Zig Ziglar apply to him

“just because someone screwed up your past, it doesn’t mean you should give them permission to screw up your future”

What a word
He will never know

Even computers
Ask for permission
Would you like to download this?
Would you like Google to save this password?

Technology has more sense than he did
And technology thinks
He is someone I want to remember

 ©Kristine Maloney, 2017
Kristine Maloney is an aspiring author based in Virginia. When she is not writing, she is working hard and spending time with her pets and husband. Putting her work out into the world is a frightening prospect, which is why she is currently employing a pseudonym until she grows in her literary confidence. Read more of her work at