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Past, Present, Future



Who was the first President
Who was Deep Throat
Who was Jack the Ripper
Who was President during Katrina
Who was the second President

What was the Cubs score
What was the Cold War
What was Watergate
What was The Marshall Plan
What was the Holocaust

When was Millennium Park built

When was Hurricane Sandy
When was Hurricane Katrina
When was the Civil War

When was Jesus born

Where was Abraham Lincoln born
Where was Game of Thrones filmed
Where was pizza invented

Where was Jesus born

Why was the Berlin Wall built
Why was Clinton impeached
Why was sense8 cancelled
Why was NATO formed
Why was the Civil War fought

How was your day
How was your day in Spanish
How was the Grand Canyon formed
How was the moon formed

How was God created

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Who is the Night King
Who is the richest person in the world
Who is the next Bachelor
Who is the host of the Gong Show

What is the weather
What is the meaning of life
What is the score of the Cubs game
What is the temperature now

When is Trump’s press conference today
When is Labor Day
When is Father’s Day
When is Memorial Day
When is the next full moon

Where is the Grand Canyon
Where is the love
Where is the nearest Walmart
Where is the nearest gas station

Where is the fire

Why is the sky blue
Why is the ocean salty
Why is the ocean blue
Why is the Governor of Texas in a wheelchair

Why am I so tired
Why am I so hungry
Why am I so cold
Why am I so dizzy
Why am I so gassy

Why can’t I pee
Why can’t I focus
Why can’t I eat
Why can’t I find a job
Why can’t I get a girlfriend

Why is the FBI here

How can I keep from singing
How can investors receive compounding returns
How can I watch Game of Thrones
How can I make money

How should I cut my hair
How should I dye my hair
How should I dress
How should I invest my money
How should I style my hair

How do I embroider eyes
How do I get home
How do I get a passport
How do I love thee

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Who will I marry
Who will be the next Bachelor
Who will be the next King of England
Who will be the next James Bond
Who will save your soul

What will happen on September 23, 2017
What will the weather be like today
What will a hydrogen bomb do

What will happen to Illinois

When will Irma hit
When will I die
When will Irma hit Florida
When will the world end
When will it stop raining

Where will Hurricane Irma hit
Where will Irma hit
Where will Hurricane Irma go
Where Willy went
Where will the 2020 Olympics be

Why will Trump be impeached
Why will the world end

Why, William Blair

Why will Steam not open
why will anyone hire me

How will I know
How will I die
How will Game of Thrones end
How will the world end

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