Keynote: Variations on a Theme of Steve Jobs

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(all lines taken from the transcript of the introduction of the iPhone in 2007)

Look at all the days I’ve waited
Gonna leave them here for now
Hit this little button here
And put them all to sleep.

Hit it again, and wake it up
And here it is: today
Portrait to landscape
Sleeping to waking
Here, in the palm of my hand.

Featherweight management,
Miniature interface
Takes you back home from wherever you are
Your life in your pocket,
The usual suspects
This stuff off a server
Up there in the cloud.

Look at all the days I’ve waited
We’re gonna leave them here for now
And skate to where the puck will be,
Not to where it is.

You know, I showed this once to someone
Someone who’d never seen it before
What do you think? I asked
He told me
Dude, you had me at scrolling.

©Melinda Rooney, 2020

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