an ensemble poem discovered on Facebook

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42 roller-skate

56 shoot a gun

38 whistle by blowing air out

51 and I can’t crochet

31 can’t keep my opinion to myself

37 and a somersault

36 blow a bubble from gum

31 can’t teleport

36 and I can’t count

I am 60; I can’t run

I am 48 but cannot breakdance

71 sing on key

30, seem to find partners in polygamy

50 get these damn kids off my lawn

49 can’t wink

I’m over 40 and can’t waterski or surf

46 could never cartwheel

37 state my age

59 dive

52 load a dishwasher properly

57 get a job

35 breathe


What is not Covered

Variations on a theme of an optical plan

         (right alongside)
          (but not limited to) 
          time passing 
          while you cannot see 

Loss of use
           when you crash into the plate glass window
           because you cannot see
Is not covered

The repair center
the guy with all the lenses in a cushioned box
with all the expertise having to do with lenses
who tells you you look younger than you actually are
and you tell him maybe he needs glasses too
but thanks all the same
the girl who makes the frames
the person who packs them into a box
if they couldn’t make it in today
This is not covered

Time passing
while you cannot see
Things you crash into 
while you cannot see
Any shelf they’re sitting on
while you can’t see
Otherwise awaiting parts
Not covered

Pre-existing conditions, damage from abuse,
Introduction of foreign objects
           Je ne peux pas voir
Modifications or alterations
Failure to follow the care instructions
Are not covered

Third-party actions
Or Acts of God
A foreign enemy
          Bone saw
          A bathtub of acid
          These guys are good at what they do
          lorsque vous brisez une vitre de verre
These are not covered

Civil War
          While all of these may on occasion be called for
          Remember: they are not covered
a Strike
a Labor Disturbance
a Lockout 
a Riot
or Civil Commotion
            If you fall on your face while wearing your glasses
            If you fall on your face diving under your desk
            Remember: this is not covered 

Preventive maintenance
           Curled beneath the desk
           That this is not covered

Damage which is not reported within thirty

Decorative Embellishments
          whatever you want: 
          but remember:
          these are not covered

Damage caused by animals and insects 
          Finding your corpse, in a culvert, let’s say
          the nibbles
          the nesting
          ingested lens-shards 
Not covered

Unauthorized repairs
Sold as-is
Products that are lost or stolen
Also not covered

Cleanings, Adjustments, Fittings 
          you can’t stay young forever, and this is not covered
A change in prescription 
          nor can your eyes (please see above)
Any other medical reason
          and someday, you will die
          beneath your desk
          in the culvert
          in your bed

What is not covered 
          will be laid bare
What is not covered 
          will fall away

©Melinda Rooney, 2020

I Searched

by Maria van Beuren

…a found poem, made up of hits I got when I typed the word “search” into Google

Today I searched

I searched for God and found only myself

I searched for God among the Christians and on the Cross

and found Him not

And I searched for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one

I searched all over couldn’t find nobody

I searched the world over

I searched all over couldn’t find nobody

I searched for God and found only myself

I searched all over

©Maria van Beuren, 2020

Maria van Beuren graduated from St. John’s College in 1973. She’s been indexing and editing scientific and medical books for decades now. Lately she’s begun writing poetry and has had some published, much to her surprise. She is the founder and director of Toad Hall Writers and Artists retreats, in New Hampshire, which have attracted attendees from the US and Europe, including various Johnnies who shall remain anonymous if they pay her enough to keep quiet.

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